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A valve-controlled water meter refers to a type of water meter that incorporates a valve mechanism for controlling the flow of water. These meters are designed to measure water consumption while also allowing for remote or manual control of water flow.

The valve control feature enables various functionalities, such as:

1. On/Off Control: The valve allows for the complete shut-off or opening of water flow, providing control over water supply to a specific location or during specific time periods. This can be useful for maintenance, repairs, or managing water usage.

2. Flow Control: The valve mechanism can be adjusted to regulate the flow rate of water. This allows for precise control of water consumption and can be beneficial in applications where flow needs to be limited or controlled.

3. Remote Control: Some valve-controlled water meters are equipped with remote control capabilities, allowing for the valve to be controlled remotely through a central system or monitoring software. This enables convenient management and control of water flow without physical access to the meter.

4. Water Loss Prevention: Valve-controlled water meters can help prevent water loss or wastage by allowing for quick shut-off in case of leaks or emergencies. This feature promotes water conservation and reduces potential damage from leaks.

When selecting a valve-controlled water meter, factors such as flow rate capacity, accuracy class, valve type, communication options, and compliance with relevant standards should be considered. Consulting with water metering specialists or manufacturers can help in choosing the most suitable valve-controlled water meter for your specific requirements.
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DN20 LORA Valve-controlled Water Meter

DN20 LORA Valve-controlled Water Meter

The DN20 LORA Valve-controlled Water Meter is a type of smart water meter with a nominal diameter of 20 millimeters. It utilizes Long Range (LORA) wireless communication technology and incorporates a valve for remote control of water flow.You can rest assured to buy DN20 LORA Valve-controlled Water Meter from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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NB-IoT Magnetic Resistance Valve-controlled Water Meter

NB-IoT Magnetic Resistance Valve-controlled Water Meter

NB-IoT is a low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN) technology designed specifically for IoT devices. It enables efficient and reliable communication over long distances, making it well-suited for applications such as smart water metering. The NB-IoT Magnetic Resistance Valve-controlled Water Meter can send metering data and receive commands or configuration updates from a central system or data collection platform.

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