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A big pipe flange water meter refers to a water meter that is designed for use in larger pipe sizes with flanged connections. It is used to measure the flow rate and volume of water in industrial, commercial, or municipal applications where larger pipe diameters are involved. These meters are typically used in applications where high flow rates and accurate measurement of water consumption are essential.

Big pipe flange water meters are designed to handle the higher flow rates and larger pipe sizes found in industrial and commercial settings. They are often constructed with durable materials such as cast iron or stainless steel to withstand the higher pressures and flow rates associated with larger pipe sizes.

These meters may utilize different measurement technologies, such as turbine, electromagnetic, or ultrasonic, to accurately measure the flow of water in big pipe applications. The specific type of meter and technology used will depend on factors such as the flow rate range, accuracy requirements, and the nature of the water being measured.

Big pipe flange water meters are typically available from various manufacturers and suppliers. It is important to consider factors such as flow rate range, accuracy class, material construction, and compliance with relevant standards when selecting a water meter for a specific application. Consulting with local water metering specialists or contacting manufacturers and suppliers can help in finding the most suitable big pipe flange water meter for your requirements.
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DN50 High Accuracy Big Pipe Flange Water Meter

DN50 High Accuracy Big Pipe Flange Water Meter

The Xinkong DN50 High Accuracy Big Pipe Flange Water Meter is a type of water meter designed for remote data reading and monitoring using the RS485 Modbus communication protocol. It is commonly used in applications where it is necessary to collect water consumption data from a distance.

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